Golden Gate Park | May 13, 2013

I went to Golden Gate Park the other day with a friend of mine. What we really wanted to do there was to go see a little “elf door” that someone had put up at the bottom of a tree in the park area between the DeYoung Museum and Academy of Science. According to a few articles I had read on it, the door was already taken down either by park conservatory people – because supposedly it’s destroying the root of the tree or something like that, or removed by some person because people suck. But contrary to what my friend read, the door was returned or still there. We went to go see for ourselves anyway. Well we found the tree but the little door definitely was not there anymore so it was pretty disappointing. I honestly don’t know if it was even the right tree we were looking at because 1) a few of them had that hole at the bottom, 2) I didn’t find an article that stated its exact location, and 3) we didn’t look at all the trees -there’s too many! So we decided to just explore other parts of the park within that area and on the way, I was able to photograph a few things.  I wanted to go to the DeYoung museum since it was just right there but unfortunately they’re closed on Monday’s! What was nice though was that there were a few statues outside of the museum to look at. Next was to check out the Japanese Tea Garden. I haven’t been there in a few years and I might be incorrect but I thought it was free to enter! Because it’s not. It was only $7 but we just weren’t willing to pay that day. So off to the Botanical Garden’s down the road. They for sure had to be free because the last time I went, I just walked right through. Nope! They too charge $7. It’s not a lot to pay and it helps to keep the park the way it is but..we weren’t… mentally prepared to pay to see the park I guess, haha!! Nothing is free these days. Finally we ended our park exploration at the Rose Garden. Yes, that place was 100% free of charge!!!  It was really nice over there. We took a good 15 minutes in there just looking around and smelling  all the different roses. After that, we headed out towards Irving for some food! It was a good Monday. Curious about the story of the little elf door? Check out this blog! 


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