Alex & Dewi | April 28, 2013

A week ago, my good friend Dewi got married! Like with Aziza (previous post), I also met her in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies program at City College of San Francisco – specifically in our Catering & Event’s class back in the Fall of 2011 (I know, so extremely specific).  My first impression of her was that, I thought she didn’t like me and she was quiet. But I’m sure the same thing could be said about me towards everyone because I just have that kind of face, haha. And really, that’s just something that happens between all girls.  Eventually we warmed up to each other, helping each other out during one of our dinner events and I realized how extremely funny and cool she was and we’ve become friends ever since.

This was such a beautiful and totally laid back wedding. The ceremony and first dance were held at the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland followed by the reception at Paisan (I believe Alex’s parents own the restaurant) in Berkeley.

The bride and groom do not share the same religious backgrounds. Alex is Jewish and Dewi is Catholic so I think they incorporated both wedding traditions, but it seemed mostly Jewish. It was my first time seeing a Jewish/Catholic wedding which was pretty cool (and oh so hot from standing outside, my face was melting). They had a huppah (not photographed, unfortunately, but you can see parts of the rod down a few photos if that may be of any interest to you), which in Jewish traditions is a canopy that the bride and groom stand under during the ceremony, and instead of whatever traditional cloth they would have used, an Indonesian fabric called batik was placed (because yes, Dewi is Indonesian). Also included was  the breaking of the glass and the lighting of the unity candle.  Oh, and their vows were pretty funny. All I remember is that they mentioned World of war Craft.

I wasn’t the photographer at her wedding as I was one of her bridesmaids, but I had some friends take some photos during the ceremony and right after that I ran straight to get my camera back so I could take some photos of my own!


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