My friend Aziza- whom I met in culinary school- invited me to attend her 2 day wedding last weekend,  and I have to say it was one of the coolest things I’ve been to! I only made it to the first day and just for a short time, but even so -it was awesome. It was my first time going to a Palestinian wedding/event so I was really excited about it. I got there a little bit too early. Like an hour early when only 3 other guests were there! So we waited. And about an hour later, the party finally started happening and family members started to arrive and take their seats. The women donned such beautiful dresses and head scarves – each were different and so unique, BRIGHT and COLORFUL! and the men were dressed in their best suits. Before the arrival of the bride and groom, the family and friends dance to some  music for a little bit and finally – Aziza and Ahmed arrive separately. Ahmed came in first, made his entrance and danced his way around the room and back to escort Aziza to make her entrance. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life!!! If you’ve seen Aziza in person, you already know that she’s naturally beautiful (yes girl!) but on that evening she was all glammed up and was completely breath taking, I tell you!

So the two hours I was there, it was a lot of dancing and music, then  I had to leave, unfortunately. The rest of the night would consist of food, henna, more dancing and other pre-wedding traditions.


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